Retro Assault – The Voyage Home

The Final Mission…

The recent incident with Pirate’s Gold got me thinking—we can’t just let Retro Assault fade away quietly. Feeling motivated, I reached out to Mark to discuss finishing the game. Thankfully, he shared my enthusiasm for finally launching it. Just before contacting him, I was playing the RA challenge on my phone, which is still operational and incredibly fun. The game looks fantastic and plays wonderfully.

Comparing it to other top-down space shooters available now, ours still holds up as the superior option. There’s really no good reason to abandon it. Inspired to breathe new life into our project, I bought another MacBook Pro, dusted off the old files, and we’re set to make this happen. I’m energized to push this through to completion—it feels like a moral imperative now.

After going through some really challenging times and experiencing severe burnout when I first set this project aside, diving back in feels a bit surreal given how much time has passed. Yet, I’m confident that it will be a fun and rewarding experience, especially getting to play the finished game. I’ve missed collaborating with Mark and witnessing our creation evolve. There’s so much of it that people haven’t seen yet.

It’s time to bring Retro Assault’s journey to a proper close.