A Bad Morning

Had a car accident this morning…

Ruined the morning for myself and some other lady taking her kiddo to school. Ugh. I dropped buddy off in the drop off circle this morning, was pulling out onto the road in front of his school. Pretty casual. Cars are stopped up from the light down the street, and as I approach the car in front of me the brakes are not responding properly. I laid into them, and the car is barely slowing down, and as I get pretty close to her, the car suddenly accelerates and plows straight into her. My foot never left the brake. So that sucked. Maya was in the car, but she’s fine. My head, neck and shoulders are super stiff from the ordeal.

I didn’t see any real damage on her car, but who knows. It hit pretty hard. I just hope she’s ok and whatever damage is minimal and gets addressed quickly. I guess that’s what insurance is for.

I looked this up online after the accident, and it’s a known issue on these 2015 SRXs. People describe it as a transmission timing issue, the car does this under 10mph, jerks forward uncontrollably when trying to downshift. Wonderful. I didn’t really find a definitive answer as to how to fix it. I did report it to the Cadillac corporate services this morning, and they supposedly assigned it to a team to look into it. At this point though the car is in the shop getting the front end repaired, but I don’t want to drive it at this point. Next time could be much worse. Pretty messed up.

My head and neck were pretty jacked up and I had to still deal with taking my car in, and getting a rental so I took the day off to deal with it. 🙁

Just happy the damage wasn’t worse, and nobody was seriously injured.

Speaking of Insurance, I got notice that State Farm has arbitrarily put us on a list for non-renewal of our Home Insurance. I guess they decided to kick off 11% of people living in Lakeside and we’re one of them. Our policy ends in Aug, and heard companies are gouging people for 11k-18k a year for insurance policies. This is due to the number of wildfires in this neck of the woods, but it’s just bullshit. Been also hearing reports of Agents working for the same company setting prices with huge discrepancies over policy cost. One agent will quote 11k while another a 3rd of that. So, this is about greed and what they can get away with. Seems like the new Paradyme shift. Food is ridiculous, Cars, Insurance, we just paid 3k to have some jerks put in an unfinished $400.00 door, and were here an hour, and did a shit job. It’s all crazy. When it rains it pours.

Ok, I’ll stop ranting…

Other than that, more work on Retro Assault last night. I got our Apple Developer License renewed and should be able to start new builds after tomorrow. I’m currently reworking all the background mission art to fit the wider screen aspect ratios. I did all of sector one last night but feel too out of it to get into to it this evening. I think it’s time to take some more Ibuprofen and get to bed.