Land of the Lost EP

I’ve been nurturing a project that’s close to my heart: a 3/4 song length EP filled with instrumental guitar tracks. This venture has been simmering for a while now; last year, I brainstormed around 12 initial song outlines that are now in various phases of development. Life’s distractions—work obligations, family time, and some health challenges with my hands—have momentarily diverted my attention, but I’m committed to bringing this project to fruition within the year. Currently, I’m debating whether to continue with the rich, multi-layered sound I’ve been exploring or to opt for a simpler setup that echoes the essence of a live trio.

One captivating concept for the album’s visual theme is to imagine it as emerging from a post-apocalyptic world, recorded in an isolated roadhouse as society stitches itself back together. It’s not an overtly sci-fi vision but rather a nostalgic throwback to the late 70s and early 80s—a time before the digital age reshaped entertainment, drawing people to dimly lit bars for live music. The album is conceived to open with the ambient sounds of cars arriving on a gravel path, leading up to a bustling club atmosphere with a band tuning up and patrons enjoying the night.

The narrative arc of the album aims to encapsulate an evening’s array of experiences—tensions, romance, laughter, and camaraderie—offering an auditory journey that envelops the listener, inviting them to drift away through their headphones into the unfolding story.

My aspiration is to eventually form a band to bring this instrumental venture to life on stage. I’m excited about the prospect of complementing the music with creative videos and experimental visuals. It’s time to refocus on this passion project, starting with some dedicated time in the studio this weekend.

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