The Dawn of a New Day

Looking into the abyss, or just getting started?

That’s me around 45 I believe? and holding the hand of my 3-year-old son at the time Korben. He turns 12 next week by the way, is way into computer games, and wants to build robots. lol. He’s a great boy, very respectful, and empathetic. A hansom boy, already about 4 inches from my height, it’s crazy. His sister Maya turns 10 just a few weeks after him. She’s also great. They are both coming into their own, reached the ages where they are into their own things, and blossoming into young adults.

I turn 56 shortly after in May.

In some ways I’ve done everything I feel like I wanted to do. Professional Artist, Rock and Roll Guitar Player, Truck Driver, lol…yes, there was a time I had a friend across the street whose dad was a truck driver, smokey and the bandit was on continual repeat on the VHS player. It was a thing back in the early eighties. Making films, I didn’t get to Hollywood, but for a local San Diegan we made a few short films, and brushed shoulders with the local talent. I’ve worked in the professional game industry since 97′. Not all awesome titles, but some pretty good ones in there.

My ol’ man passed at 69 just a couple months from his 70th birthday. What’s crazier is he died on the day of his dad’s birthday putting kind of an eerie spin on the whole thing given the relationship he had with his father, who died relatively young, I don’t think he even made it to 50. I had kids late in the game, at 42, always thinking I would never have kids until I could adequately provide for them. Korben’s getting a new Gamer PC with a 4060ti video card for his birthday next week, so I think I can say it worked. heh. Though I do feel I made a good decision I do worry about the time my kids will have with him before I fall off this mortal coil. I do plan on beating my ol’ man’s record of Level 69 and hope to at least hit Level 80 before I go, but doing the math, that’s about 14 years from my Ol’ man’s ending, and maybe 24 years if I’m lucky to reach that later number. Anyway, it’s freaking me out a little.

I spent a lot of my life working and building towards a plateau I felt like I wanted to get to in order to finally take a step back and enjoy what I have. I’ve reached a point where risk taking is more perilous and time is a luxury I no longer have. I still feel however I have things to give, my wife and kids, but also my art and whatever. That’s kind of the point of this new website revamp. It’s in essence, my chapter II. A playing field where I house all my interests, and just have fun with the latter half of my life. I want to savor it, and just create, not for anyone else, but just do what I want to do.

A Spinal Tap Mk II if you will. So strap in, and let’s boogie! 🙂

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