Korben’s 12th Birthday!

My Baby Boy Turned 12…

It’s quite astonishing when I think about it. He’s an incredible young guy—handsome, intelligent, compassionate, and witty. Truly a splendid young man. For his birthday, we decided on a video game theme, knowing his passion for gaming. Mom outdid herself with some fantastic decorations, and I hooked up the PS5 to our large screen TV, purchased a few 4-player games that he and his usual group of friends enjoy. His excitement was palpable when he unwrapped his 12th birthday present—a gaming desktop PC. Now, he’s well-equipped for his gaming adventures.

However, I have some ulterior motives. I plan to have him install Unreal Engine 5 on his new PC and introduce him to blueprint tutorials, encouraging him to start developing his own games. He’s been brimming with game ideas since he was very young, and equipping him with the means to bring some of those ideas to life might just open up a world of opportunities if he decides to pursue this path. I believe this will complement his Robotics class and burgeoning interest in programming perfectly. Who knows, he might even lend a hand with some of my projects down the line. I’m so proud of him. 🙂