Happy Easter Bunny Day!

Revenge of the Lamb Cake…

Another Easter, another sacrificial Lamb to the Easter Gods. 🙂

It was a relatively mellow day of painting eggs and chilling out in at home, cozy warm inside while it was pouring rain all weekend. The door to the utility room had to be opened recently and the bottom of it fell apart. It was an old door and we loved it, but its time has passed, so were getting a replacement this week. The room took in some water, so a little drama there. We sand bagged it and put plastic tarp and got it under control, but the cat boxes were out there, and with 4 cats, they tracked mud all over the house. yuck!

Kids got candy and new plushies, so they were pretty happy! Maya made homemade lemonade, she was so proud of herself, mom made a delicious dinner of crock pot chicken, killer carrots, and scalloped potatoes, yum! and Dad got in a couple fun egg characters this year to boot. Good times.