A Wednesday Evening Fitness Epiphany and the DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Playing my awesome Yellow Fender USA Tele with flame neck.

Wednesday Night Epiphany…

I’ve been on the lookout for a workout routine that I can actually enjoy, all while ironically sitting next to our elliptical machine. Despite its effectiveness, I’ve never been fond of using it, struggling to find the motivation. Considering a walk seemed like a good idea, yet the daunting steep hills surrounding our neighborhood deter me. The thought of walking those inclines doesn’t appeal to me, especially given my current fitness level. Venturing out to a park after dark isn’t appealing either, considering the presence of homeless individuals and other concerns, not to mention the drive there.

Then, an epiphany struck: walking is merely about covering distance, and my house, with its roundabout layout, provides the perfect circuit. It’s flat, air-conditioned, involves some turns, and effectively serves as an indoor walking track. Plus, the recent addition of solar lights in the backyard enhances the ambiance, making nighttime walks through the dining room and kitchen resemble a stroll through resort grounds.

So, I began walking laps inside. Midway, I had Maya toss me my Apple Watch to track my progress, setting it to indoor walk mode. Before I knew it, I’d logged a mile and a half and felt great. It was an excellent workout, boosting my circulation, and I realized I could do this anytime—day or night.

I’m pumped about this new routine! Down the line, I envision creating a concrete path around the backyard, looping around the side yard, along the easement, over the pool deck, and through the patio, or perhaps encircling the entire property with a high wall for a private night loop. For now, this setup is perfect, and it might even allow us to ditch the elliptical for more space in the game room. I’m thrilled to see this plan come together.

Then on to the new toy…

I recently acquired a DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Gimbal, and it’s incredibly impressive. I was in search of a tripod that could enhance my studio video recordings, and after watching some compelling reviews on YouTube about the Osmo, I decided to give it a shot. The gimbal excels in subject tracking, allowing me to place it on my desk and have it follow my movements as I play, paving the way for some engaging studio updates ahead. Its capability for capturing smooth footage outdoors opens up numerous creative possibilities.

I’m excited about the idea of making home movies with the kids, crafting little narrative stories we can film and edit together. Its compact design is a significant advantage, sparing me the hassle of setting up and lugging around a cumbersome camera setup. For a quick, on-the-move filming solution, it’s absolutely ideal.