Completed projects and works in progress


PREY – Short Film
Run Time 7 min.”A sociopath walks into a bar” was kind of theme in this campy B style Horror Short. Our boy, Jon Killjoy gets a little more than he bargained for when he propositions two beautiful working girls in a seedy local nightclub.This was my third short film. Shot in two locations over a couple of weekends, it was a lot of work, exhausting really, but we had a blast making it. Eric Fox (Face off Season 4) did the practical makeup effects. Shannie assembled all the costumes and created the “Cowboy” shirt for Mark’s character. It was nominated for the SD Film Awards. A really awesome experience shared with some truly awesome people.
Run Time 9 min.A deceased grandmother leaves her home and possessions to her granddaughter that stumbles onto an undeveloped role of film unraveling a dark family secret.This was basically a test for the Canon MK IV I purchased. My mother-in-law has a house full of these old knickknacks and one day while over there I thought it might be interesting to use some these as props for a short film. Shannie sewed up all the cult robes, and we shot it over a couple weekends.This film was intended to have a lot more footage of the actual cult which would have gave the production a more fully realized narrative, but unfortunately the lady we used playing the lead cultist got completely tanked while shooting the first day, and everything was scrapped. We were only able to use the sequence of photos for the end reveal sequence.
Run Time 12 min.A simple thief with an unusual method of selecting his victims get more than he bargains for when he decides to break into the house of a recently vacated crime scene.This film was our first film, we knew little about the process, but had an insane amount of fun making it. Everything from the casting call to pre-production, to shooting it and through the post and completion process, it was challenging and exhilarating, stressful and a sheer joy to see the end result. Sure its flawed and rough around the edges, but we a great time putting it all together and meeting great friends who have shared a lot of memories with us since.
SD Monster Bash Ad – Short Film
Run Time 3 min.Shannie throws her Halloween Party every year, so we decided to put together a fun advertisement for the event. What better way to do that than with paper bag puppets!! So Shannie created these awesome puppets for the shoot, shooting them over green screen separately and stitching the whole performance together in After FX.It was a ridiculous amount of fun putting together this production.


Run Time 1 min.I just got the DragonFrame package delivered and wanted to do some stop motion. Korben had his train table set up downstairs, but he was more interesting in tearing the track apart than actually building stuff. I waited until he went to bed, built up the track and animated a pass around the track. Once he got up, we put him in the monster costume and let him go to town destroying it, and took the photos.I’ve been working on a script for a zombie inspired stop motion short, but haven’t had the time to finish it as of yet. Stop motion is just cool.
HELLSPAWN – Feature Length Film
HellSpawn is the story of two brothers on opposing sides of the law locked in a bitter feud over a dark family secret, and one brother’s obsession to make the other brother pay for the accidental manslaughter of their parents which subsequently ruined his childhood. This feud plays out in a small desert town near Death Valley, California in 1978 where one brother has become the newly elected Sheriff and the other “Lawless” is the rogue leader of a vicious murdering biker gang.
In the center of all this, a group of unsuspecting travelers staying at a local motel become the focal point of Lawless’ killing spree.
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TINMAN – Feature Length Film
Tinman was basically going to be a low budget feature project where we could just go shoot in the woods. lol. If I were to sum up the concept with matching parallels to other films, I guess I would say its basically Evil Rambo in the Woods. The concept was basically what would happen if a returning psychopathic War veteran who was highly skilled, disfigured from combat and were completely Anti-Social set up camp in a secluded woods area and a group of unsuspecting college kids came trampling through his crazy camp space that he claimed as his own.
Armed with a bunch of home made weapons, and a gnarly metal helmet he cobbled together from old metal scrap, he would run around the terrain wreaking havoc on his unsuspecting victims. I know, not exactly high brow stuff really, but It has all the classic makings of a pretty twisted post-war depression tale.
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