October 16, 2015

RA Characters Completed!!

Finished up all the Retro Assault Comm System characters this week. We added four more Ally Command level characters, three Alien Commanders, and a Space Pirate for our Salvage type missions, and finally a Female counterpart for the Player Pilot so now we have the option of selecting those for the player character before starting the game. I had a […]

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July 24, 2015

Retro Assault Music Theme Pass –

I finished another pass on Audio FX work last week, so now circling back to the music themes on Retro. I’m trying to ride that line between old school arcade, but with a little less toon-like and a little more atmosphere. A little orchestral but keeping a foot firmly in the sci-fi type of sounds and […]

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July 6, 2015

HELLO WORLD! – And hereeee, weeeee,,, go!

Good ol’ Hello World. I just got this pic from Shannie this morning. She’s off and running with C++ working through chapter 1. I got her all set up on here laptop and started looking at it last night myself, so this post marks the initial kickoff of our Programming education.

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