August 28, 2017

New Music and Videos coming –


I’ve been working on some new music lately. A couple tunes I plan to produce and release as an instrumental guitar single – with a B-Side track. I’m going a little retro with it, so it will have a sort of 45 record kind of vibe, like those singles you used to find on the counter of a record store.

One is a Rock’n Roll sort of romp, a little Satriani-ish / Steve Stevens-ish kind of thing with a strong good ol’ fashion pentatonic / Mixolydian kind of groove to it. I’m refraining from making it a shred fest, so trying to keep it more singing lead lines but I’m sure some fast passages will make their way in there.

I do have a cool Pentatonic string skipping tapping sequence that’s really cool breaking up the center solo section, which adds some guitar pyrotechnics in there.


The second B-Side piece is an acoustic number. A little bluegrass fingerpicking piece I’ve been playing with.

The videos for the two songs will be a lot of fun.

The rock number is a sort of Morning Jam kind of concept. We’ll be setting up a morning living room band, guitars and amps littered all over the place, with bass and drums. Just a funny roll out of bed and jam kind of session vibe to it. We’ll all be wearing PJs. I’m going to have Shannie make all the outfits, so they’ll be of a custom design.

We’ll have a bunch of kids around the breakfast table with a trashy mom type, curlers and cigarettes kind of vibe letting the kids go nuts. Flying sugar cereal everywhere! lol. The kids will have a blast, and it will be just a fun crazy morning visual.

The Acoustic number will be a sort of an evening around the camp fire number. We’ll shoot at the pool with some friends, a comfy fire and roasting marshmallows vibe.

I’ll be releasing them under the Michael Bacon Solo artist thing.

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