August 27, 2017

Ashes of Creation – PAX 2017


Pax 2017 West starts next week, and we’ve been working hard getting our first public playable presentation together. A lot of work, but its pretty exciting as well. I finished the bulk of my work on the environment side and have been filling in on other tasks to fill in where I’m needed. I finished this cool Lion themed sword for the Tank armor / weapon set. Matt and Javier went full literal with the Lion motifs, so I decided the sword would be a little more subtle in its theme design. The hilt has an element of looking like sculpted lion mane, and the there are other sweeps and regal curve language to tie into a abstract paw/mane silhouette, but no actual heads or anything on this one.

I would love to see this scanned and created as an actual real sword. I might look into the cost of replicating it. :-)

Critters Designed, Modeled, Zbrushed, Rigged and Animated. from Michael Bacon on Vimeo.

I had a chance to do some Animations I was excited about. We have some insane animators on the team, but they were all slammed with character work for Pax, and I felt like the world needed some movement and more life, so I designed, modeled, sculpted, textured, rigged and animated these critters, and got them into the game last week. They turned out pretty cool!

I had some fun with the Animation rigs with these, and though the Animations themselves are serviceable, (its been a while since I really animated characters), the scale of these are pretty small, and they do the job. No frills, but I think I landed it for the most part. lol.

I’m looking forward to doing more animation work post-pax. I had a lot of fun taking them through the entire process.

Blowing Bone / Windcatcher thingy… from Michael Bacon on Vimeo.

Then of course I started going nuts adding bones to everything else…lol.

I animated my Creepy Windcatchers with blowing bones in the wind. Pretty cool, and adds quite a bit of unsettling personality to the environment in general.

I shot some video on Friday, and some test footage for compositing from green-screen with Steven on Thrusday. This is for the initial presentation at Pax that will be displayed on one of the big 60in screens, so having fun with that. I put together the camera crane on Friday, and a slider rig that Ill be shooting with tomorrow shooting some office content.

My back is pretty beat up from Friday putting the rigs together and starting to shoot, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll crab some assistance and it wont be as tough getting the rest of the shots together. Then it’s editing all the content and getting it done before Wed…so it’ll be a long couple evenings this week before then.

Ill be heading out early Thursday morning, and will be running the Livestreams as usual. I’m sure there’s going to be audio issues and whatever else…lol. There always is.

One thing that will be kind of funny is Daybreak Studios will have their booth at pax right across from outs. lol. I was the point guy in nabbing the two Chris’ from them, as well as snatching up Brad Constantine after they had just kicked him to the curb, specifically from Holly over there, and I’m sure she’ll be there with the EverQuest franchise I’m assuming.

The last interaction I had with her just a few weeks ago was Chris Meyers telling me she had a message to give me which was basically “Fuck you” He said she was half joking, so of course I had to have some fun with it and send her a bouquet of Flowers with a “condolences for her loss” card. lol …I couldn’t help myself.

Fuck you indeed! :-)

Should be an adventure…



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