February 4, 2017

Moving Forward – Feb

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New Studio

Well we fixed and repainted the downstairs guest room and moved my studio into it. It’s nice, properly set up like a recording / video control room. It’s been a crazy few weeks since the ol’ man was removed, but we are getting our groove back.

We launched the Retro Assault Challenge a few weeks ago, and that has been interesting getting an initial taste for a game product being out on the iTunes store. People really like the game, but it’s going to be an uphill battle to get a large following onboard with it. Our goal is to keep building momentum in preparation for the main RA release on multi platforms.

I started a new assignment at Intrepid Studios working on an Arabic Styled City. It’s already looking pretty cool, and I’m approaching it as a solid showcase piece. I think this is going to be something really interesting in the Ashes world.

I’ve also been looking into a next project. Something small scale I can do while Mark is working on the RA Port. I found a fun title called Vikings: An Archer’s Journey. A simple runner game with a set of 6 purchasable items and a handful of characters. I think I should follow suite with that kind of scope. Something small with a handful of purchasables and test the water with a new title.

The kids are growing up fast. Korben is sleeping in his bed, and Maya is getting so talkative. They are these little people now with wants and needs. I really need to get in shape now just to keep up with them.

So anyway, tomorrow Ill be wiring up the studio for sound, and moving the rest of the stuff upstairs down to clear the way for Maya’s bedroom. I added Ram to the MacBook Pro, and that’s running much better now….usable. I got the cable internet installed, though I still need to re-route the ADT Pulse Box down here.

So moving along.

I’m going to try to start keeping up with the Blog. Now it’s time for sleep…zzzzzz

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