April 27, 2016

Monster Rough Sketches

Monster Rough Sketches


I’m currently working on character models for Monsters & Marshmallows. With just one guy doing everything, I don’t have time for turntable refinement drawings, so I’m flushing them out as I take them into 3D. I like the vibe of these, so I think they will translate into 3D platform world pretty well.

So the current plan is to get these slammed out, and then into level design and creation and I’ll rig and animate them as they are introduced into the game.

On the Retro Assault front, I looked at the issues remaining and talked to Mark about a serious launch date. He’s wrapping up the Marketplace interface now, and onto the Iphone Resize which should be interesting. I’m assuming we’ll need some updated graphics to get some of the UI to work, so we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I’ll be working along side of him to see if we can get it knocked out at a decent clip.

The new date for RA launch is August 4th, so mark your calendars.

I’ll be starting to put together Videos to accompany the lead up to launch, so I have a little over 3 months to get that effort out there and see how much noise I can make.

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