April 12, 2016

M&M Prototype Screenshots

Monsters & Marshmallows Prototype Screenshots







Here are the first screenshots from the Platform Game Prototype I’m working on. “Monsters and Marshmallows”. I just kind of tossed that name to describe the game, but I kind of like it. I guess its tentatively called M&M from now until I come up with a better name for it. :-)

The main character is a little Marshmallow Man/Girl, and the enemies are a cartoony-styled Monster construction crew hell bent on keeping our little hero from eating lunch on top of the tower. Seems silly and fun which is the vibe I’m going for. One aspect I’m particularly excited about is the idea of our hero starting out as sort of the odd man out, and while the monsters are doing everything in their power to keep him/her down, the player eventually wins over each monster they manage to defeat and they become friends. So as you progress, you turn all the monsters into your friends, and in the very end you finally win over the main bully monster which makes up the overall game narrative, and you all have lunch together on top of the building.

A little positive message that you don’t really get much in games these days.

I’m doing everything on it so far and have been having a lot of fun creating it all. I have the bulk of the main level done, and putting in the other elements as I need them. With one guy doing it all, you really have to take the path of least resistance to get things done in a timely manner. I’ve been doing a lot of Blueprint Scripting/learning and coming up to speed on it pretty quickly.

It’s also a lot of fun showing it to my boy korben as I add more content to it. Initially I drew out the base concept on big newsprint and pens which he got all excited about. He loves stories and has a great imagination, so it was pretty awesome seeing him interpret what he was looking at on paper and let his little mind take him through the progression. Getting it on video was particularly fun. :-)

And thennnn…Bang Him!!!….heh, Love that boy!


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