April 4, 2016

Low Poly Cars – MHHFTLH Prototype

Monday Morning, 3 Hours of Sleep, Low Poly Cars

I was up working until a little past 2am last night, and Maya, tossing and turning throughout the evening got up crying at 5am. She was inconsolable, so I held her, and watched Frozen in bed with her until Korben woke up, so I helped Shannie get him dressed and out the door, then just stayed up at that point.

I’m working but pretty crispy today.


So I have 4 weeks to get this “Monster Hard Hat Fun Time Lunch Hour” Prototype done. Everyday is going to count so I need to stay focused which is always a challenge with all the wrenches that get thrown in the works around here. My goal is to have the working level 1 of the game complete by May 1st so I can start assembling content and levels to fill out the rest of the game.

I have to say its already looking pretty cool.

I put in the buildings over the weekend to fill the background out, so its already starting to look kind of polished. I showed it to some peeps who were pretty blown away, so I think I’m on the right track with it. I have this little abstract character that looks kind of like a tooth. I’m switching it all over to a Kid’s Monster kind of theme, so the play character will change, but then a couple girl friends really liked what I had, and thought the little guy was a Marshmallow, which I kind of like. That was one of the elements of reference I was using when I created the character, but I didn’t really identify it with being specifically Marshmallow, but I can see where that might be kind of cool and works with that kids game aesthetic and vibe I’m looking for.

I’ll have to finalize the concept there before chewing into the bulk of the character content.

So other than that, just keeping on trying to make some progress. At the end of the month Ill have to make some serious decisions as to what I want to lose to keep the kids in school, or pull them out to be able to keep working in the day time. We are really running against the clock to get things stabilized financially here. I’m really hoping to get back to regular employment here soon with a game company in town. That would be nice.

Until then though, just swinging away trying to get some cool stuff happening.

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