February 12, 2016


A bit of a setback.

So I’m taking new medications and its stabilized my blood sugar levels which is good, but now my weight is rebounding up 15lbs in the last few weeks, yikes! Need to make some course corrections to combat that and get me heading in the opposite direction.

Korben is doing great with the Potty. He’s almost out of diapers completely except bedtime. So proud of that boy!

I sold off my Carvin 7 string last week. Took a bit of a hit on it, selling it for almost half what I paid for it last year. Sucked. More stuff on the chopping block soon to keep the kids in school next month.

Man these posts are getting kind of dark. Time to change the record already. lol.


On an up note, I’ve been doing some work on a children’s book series. Well some initial art for it anyway. Rocket Red Publishing is the name of the endeavor, and I want to start cranking out books, plushies, games, etc. for it. I am excited to make something “Physical” and “Tangible”. Plus it will be fun reading them with the kids. They are literally our target audience, so we have a built in focus group in the house. lol

Other than that just trying to keep head above water. Irons in the fire :-)

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