January 28, 2016



We’ve been plugging away on a lot of the final systems and today’s build looks pretty awesome! As we prepare for Beta Testing this Friday, the game has been really coming together. The monetization / In-Game currency loops are in, Achievements and Challenges tapped into the Apple Game Center. In-Game Ads through button clicks are in and working, incentivizing the player with in-game currency when they watch video ads. All the transition doors and UI is functional minus a few things, but everything actively displays something so all the UI works now.


I finished all the Beta Test content so forums are up, info pages, and lists. Outside a few bugs, I think we’re ready for Friday. And even cooler is I think we’re just a few weeks from getting everything functional in game, then its down to testing and polish heading for the finish line. Pretty exciting!!


And then there is this thing!!! lol. I need to dabble in this kind of thing at some point. It looks like it would be a blast to take a movie and just alter the crap out of it to make some kind of ridiculous thing. Maybe Cornbread and I should redo a Patrick Swayze movie of something. I cant stop watching this thing!


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