January 19, 2016

Heavy Rain –


We’ve been getting pounded by heavy rain the last couple weeks. It’s been pretty crazy. Normally I would love the weather being a native of the Northwest, but we have a few roof tiles missing and the downpours have been so severe, it ended up causing some water damage on the second floor. Not so much fun. I still enjoyed it, but we have some repairs to do.



Korben’s wearing underwear and using the toilet like a big boy at home now!! So proud of my boy. Not only has he been making strides from leaving his diapers behind, he’s been inspiring Maya to do the same thing. She doesn’t quite get the connection with actually using the toilet, but she does get on board and do what brother does. Those two love each other so much, and play together all the time. Coming from a family of nearly complete disconnection with my siblings, it’s really important for us to foster that connection with them. So far so good.



I’ve been working on some concept art and sketching a few storyboards lately. The concept paintings will be going into my portfolio soon, and I’ve been noodling around with some film ideas. One being a Sci-Fi piece inspired by that old 80s film Enemy Mine, and Mad Magazine’s Spy vs Spy comics. lol. Two space fighter pilots dog fighting that end up crash landing on a hostile planet and continuing the fight mono e mono. I thought it might be a fun concept to do some CGI with, as well as give Shannon a challenge with fabricating some cool Space Suits. This is all just a backburner idea for the time being, but I thought I would play around with some storyboards and save it for a rainy day.

The concept paintings I’m working on are part of a re-tooling for the Tinman film project. I needed a subject, so I thought adding some imagery to the updated script would be fun. I think I came up with a concept to pull down the budget on this, so once we get financially stabilized, me back to work, etc…I want to start up a KickStarter campaign and see if I can get the funding to possibly shoot this thing at some point.



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