January 5, 2016


This is what I wake up to…ohhhh noooooo!!!


We had a low-key birthday for Shannie, and got the house back in order after the new year. That was most of the weekend really. We organized the kids toys so we didn’t have toy mountain in the living room,…well we still have toy mountain, its just a little more manageable now. That Cake was Riiiichhhh!…ugh. One bite had Korben testing the structural integrity of the drywall. :-)


Happy Mom….Happy Kiddos….


Today I started working on a new project. A Co-Op top down shooter with a zombie theme. Not that the world needs another Zombie game, but I think this one is going to be a lot of fun. I want to get 8 people running around a fun stylized environment fighting off the zombie horde kind of Gauntlet-Style. I’m working on the 3d Environment in Maya/Unreal, just to get a basic demo layout sketched in, then get a player, and a few Zombie alternates all animated and working and see what I have.


It’ll be good for my portfolio, and in general just something fun to work on.


Super Quick Sketch Page…


…And Pops out back soaking up the Sun…lol

That’s all, just a quick update. Have a great Monday. – MB

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