November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving – A Turn of the Tide?

It’s thanksgiving, having a relatively quiet one this year with just the family, Sheila and Pops. A lot of us are a little under the weather, so it was kind of an off day for us over here at the Bacon Estate. A little cranky-ness and of course it wouldn’t be the holidays without a little Anti-Social behavior from the Ol’man, but it was pretty minimal for the most part, but yadayodo? The food was great, particularly good from last year. Shannie really nailed the Turkey, and I did my family favorite mashed potatoes. yummy!

It’s been a pretty trying year this one. Being laid off in Feb, the team not hitting the Aug. deadline to get Retro Assault out the door, and the aftermath of that has been pretty crazy. We had no choice but to file Bankruptcy after it was clear we weren’t shipping at the end of summer was a pretty crushing blow, and dealing with that process has been nerve-wracking to say the least. Because I was winding down off severance from SOE, it threw the case into the category of an assumption of abuse case, and dealing with that has been a huge burden of almost crippling ongoing stress for a few months now. Between that and watching the unemployment benefits quickly countdown, it’s been a really tough one on my psyche, my confidence, and my health. Add to that, this whole thing is going down on the eve when SOE released it’s latest EverQuest II expansion, mostly because it had the extra content I provided right before I got the Axe with that huge Etcher style dungeon I was working on that I took the initiative of starting during downtime from the previous expansion. They would not have been able to release an expansion without it given their reduced team size, and regardless whether they would ever admit it, but nonetheless, “your welcome” Daybreak. I did you a major solid on that one.

The zone was supposed to be this big epic Z-brush piece of work that I was going to push the envelope with, but it ended up just getting stitched together by the guy I got replaced with. I like the guy, he’s a nice kid, but the end result was not even close to what I had intended, and it was a huge kick in the teeth right during the same week I had to go to court and convince some state appointed trustee that I wasn’t abusing the Bankruptcy filing. It was not a fun week.

These are things that are hard to shake out of the peripheral, but I do have so much to be thankful for regardless.

I have an amazing wife who loves me, two incredible kids that challenge and inspire me everyday. Two great business / development partners that have stuck with me on this new journey, my parents and Shannie’s mom who have been supporting us through this turbulent time. It’s definitely a race against the clock, and is not an easy path, but I am optimistic this will get off the ground and we’ll be re-stabilized soon.

We got our XBOX One development kits, and are now registered as console developers with Microsoft. That has a huge potential for us.

I think we will finally have the game for iOS wrapped in Jan. and onto the XBOX One Port hopefully launching it a couple months after. A lot of work to do of course. Sometimes you lose track of the things that are important during the most pressing times, I cant speak for anyone else, but I have always been insanely lucky to have the friends and family I have in my corner.

Thank you so much, and I wish everyone a great holiday season… MB.


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