October 16, 2015

RA Characters Completed!!

Hologram_Pirate01_001 Finished up all the Retro Assault Comm System characters this week. We added four more Ally Command level characters, three Alien Commanders, and a Space Pirate for our Salvage type missions, and finally a Female counterpart for the Player Pilot so now we have the option of selecting those for the player character before starting the game.

I had a lot of fun painting these up. I used my Pop’s likeness for the Space Pirate. :-)

John got the Comm system set up in some of the first sectors, so I’ll be plugging these in and casting up for the Dialog Sessions soon. I sent out a casting call a couple weeks ago and have some great selections for voice talent. I’ll probably be doing some auditions for the front runners next week. These are really going to add some personality to the game, and John’s script has a great comical tone to it.

 Temp_Hologram_Heads001  Temp_Hologram_Heads002
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