July 26, 2015

We survived Korben’s first real stomach bug….ugh.

 KM_01 This weekend was a little nail biting. We had lunch
yesterday and everything was fine, then during nap
time Korben started not feeling well. He threw up
his entire lunch all over the bed, and that’s where
it started. Then throughout the evening he had one
throw up event after another and throughout the
night smaller, but still none the less painful to watch.

Mostly because he was scared, but still, as parents not
knowing exactly what was going on with him, it was a
little nail biting. We of course watched and monitored
him through the night. This morning after he woke up
he was still a little off, but he took his kid’s Tylenol,
and after a bit claimed that he felt much better, then
asked for a Burrito. lol….and some Cake. So looks like
he is on the mend.

So he’s taking it easy in his Jake bed having an
Octonauts day. I’m just glad he’s feeling better.
Maya of course is using this time to take center
stage while brother is recouping. She’s been into
everything, gliding around the house like she owns
it. She’s a crack up.

Outside of that, we put in a Tankless Water Heater
on Thurday which would have been great if it
worked but it doesn’t. It’s been working kind of
intermittently, so at the moment if you want to
shower, you’re taking a very luke-warm one.

Hopefully we’ll get the plumber back out here
tomorrow to get that all squared away.

 KM_02 Tomorrow starts the last week of the month, so we’ll
see how much progress RA gets made before the end of
it. Mark goes on vacation first week in Aug, so anything
on the technical front will be on hold until he gets back
at the end of the month.

I think he’ll get through the UI hub screen and maybe
some of the sub-UI elements in the options /accounts
Screens, but my guess is that the Tacticals interface,
Marketplace, and the rest of it wont get started until he
gets back. I guess we’ll wait and see where it lands.



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