July 21, 2015

My Portfolio Website is finished – Yeayyy


Finished up on the Michael Bacon .com site so I feel a little accomplished today. Yeayyyy… lol.

I had the basic Art stuff and Resume up last night, but I just wanted to spend an extra day and get the Photography, Film, and Music sections up on it. If anything it’s just a hub that houses what I’m doing and keeps me focused a little more, but at least I have it together and I can start putting some feelers out for new gigs. I can also start updating this thing relatively easily which I’m excited about. No more 8+ embedded layers of Flash to deal with. lol.

So tomorrow it’s back to Retro Assault. I need to get these music tracks sorted out. Mark finally finished the comm system…finally, so now he’s onto getting the UI screens in place. Hopefully that doesn’t taken him too long, and he gets the basic screens and Marketplace hooked up so we can assemble the game while he’s on vacation. If the Marketplace is at least in a stage where John can start playing with it and balancing stuff, then maybe we can have RA in a rough pre-polished state by time he gets back. Crossing fingers anyway. I guess we’ll see.

Over the weekend it was hot and rainy. Almost reminded me of being back in Florida. The Bubs had a lot of fun playing in the rain!

2015-07-19 15.10.29 2015-07-19 15.10.27  2015-07-19 15.11.50 2015-07-19 15.10.14

Dad really pulled it out though!! A pirate water table “Inside” the kiddie-pool!!! He had a complete blast. hah!

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