July 6, 2015

HELLO WORLD! – And hereeee, weeeee,,, go!

2015-07-06 11.07.38

Good ol’ Hello World.

I just got this pic from Shannie this morning. She’s off and running with C++ working through chapter 1. I got her all set up on here laptop and started looking at it last night myself, so this post marks the initial kickoff of our Programming education.

Outside of that, this week also starts the Audio push to get things wrapped up on RA for me. This week is Sound Design, but Ill probably have this wave of tasks done by tomorrow evening, then I’ll take a day to chop up all the UI assets before moving onto the music themed tracks for the rest of the week providing something doesn’t come up before then. My short term goals are finishing the RA sound and music pass during the day, and at night spending time with C++, Putting together the portfolio website, and then updating content on there with new stuff. Mainly with Animation, Zbrush, and maybe some environment work in the Unreal Engine. I’ll probably slant it towards a game demo, but we’ll see.

I want to get back into Animation; for the games, and for animated film work. I’ve been out of the character animation track for a long time, and those skills are kind of rusty. I need to get them back up to a well oiled state. lol

So anyway, was up super late last night, so going to get some lunch and start chewing into these Sound FXs tasks.

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