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July 28, 2015


  Tonight was about learning functions, re-usable code you can create outside the main loop that you “call on” from inside the “main” loop to make your code more organized, modular and re-useable.In this example I created a function that added numbers together or called a single number on the screen, but this time, the bulk of the […]

July 26, 2015

We survived Korben’s first real stomach bug….ugh.

  This weekend was a little nail biting. We had lunch yesterday and everything was fine, then during nap time Korben started not feeling well. He threw up his entire lunch all over the bed, and that’s where it started. Then throughout the evening he had one throw up event after another and throughout the […]

July 25, 2015

The Great Psychic Hobo – Do/While loops

OK, so I have a fun little plan to help me expedite my programming endeavor. I’m going to track my progress on my Blog here. I added a Programming tag to the posts, so I can view by category whenever I need a refresher of what I’ve already done. I think this would be a good […]


Retro Assault Soundtrack –

I got a lot done on the score front today. I seemed to be in the groove with the creative powers that be, working away at one of the main sector themes. I think I’m going to start naming these since we’re not really having tunes assigned to individual sectors anymore, but rather working off a set […]

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July 24, 2015

Retro Assault Music Theme Pass –

I finished another pass on Audio FX work last week, so now circling back to the music themes on Retro. I’m trying to ride that line between old school arcade, but with a little less toon-like and a little more atmosphere. A little orchestral but keeping a foot firmly in the sci-fi type of sounds and […]

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July 22, 2015

Ok, Vacation is Over…

As much fun as it is to work your ass off on your own stuff while on vacation, eventually its time to put your big boy shoes on and get back to the grind.

July 6, 2015

HELLO WORLD! – And hereeee, weeeee,,, go!

Good ol’ Hello World. I just got this pic from Shannie this morning. She’s off and running with C++ working through chapter 1. I got her all set up on here laptop and started looking at it last night myself, so this post marks the initial kickoff of our Programming education.

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