June 11, 2015

First Post in the New Home

Welcome to the New Michael Bacon “5” site. It’s 5th iteration, yippee!!


It’s been a long time since I update the site, over 11 years I’m thinking. Wow!!

Been busy, but I decided it finally needed an update. One that would be a lot easier to add content to. So it’s June 11th, about 4 months into my new “Self Employment” phase of my career. A little scary, or maybe even a lot scary, but we’re working. Retro Assault is getting there, slowly but surely so hopefully we’ll have a good launch and people will like what we have, and buy it.

Other than that, things are ok. The kids are good, growing into dynamic individuals. Korben is just a fun little boy. I love him so much. Maya is blossoming into a toddler, getting a little more engaging everyday. I love her too of course. :-)

Shannie is doing good but stressed and tired. She takes the brunt of the kids, and works freeing me up as much as possible to keep moving forward on getting Big SHiny games profitable.

So that’s really about it at the moment. I’m confidant that we will get the company profitable and sustaining, but a little worried about the time frame which is running out very quickly. In preparation, the new website is being put together just in case I need it. Should be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next month.

I think I need a vacation. :-)

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