March 31, 2015

Dawn of a new Day…


It’s been a crazy couple months to say the least. Two months shy of 10 years at Sony, and I’ve been laid off. I have to say I have mixed feelings on the matter. On one hand it was a large chunk of my career, and now that I don’t have my regular day job, I feel a little exposed.

On the other hand, I got to see just how much I was worth to them, in which case I say fuck em. lol

I’d like to think in terms of how things went down, it was luck of the draw, but it really wasn’t. The selection they made was specific, and deliberate shrouded in this veil of fake sentiment and deniability. If there were any doubt, the day I went back to the office to pick up a set of Altek Lancing speakers drove that point home. These weren’t my friends, these were just work acquaintances you pass by everyday while you put in your time and as the King of Austria so eloquently put it in the movie Amadeus…”so there it is.” :-)

After 10 years, it really was time to move on, so now its on to new beginnings. The Era of Big Shiny Games has begun.

So we are in the final push for finishing the Retro Assault title, and with any luck we will be putting in our sites a late May / Early June release…and I have been wrapping my head around some art styles for future title.

I have to be honest though, its been pretty awesome working full time on my own gig. All the corporate bullshit and Dinosaur ways of doing things, out the window now. Of course it’s easy to say things like that, it’s a lot tougher to put your money where you’re mouth is, so on that note I’ll see ya all at the end of the year and we’ll find out actually where the rubber hit the road. lol…

wish me luck brethren.


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