November 2, 2013

MonsterBash 2013


Well it’s the end of Halloween and on to the end of the rest of the year.

The Halloween Monster Bash party was fun. The Psychic was awesome. Thank you everyone for making that a great time.  Especially Cornbread and Lindsey for getting the word out and getting those questions together for the psychic. It was a smashing good time.


Korben had his first real Halloween Trick-or-Treat run last night. Thank you everyone for making it out for it. We all had a blast. Korben apparently took a few times before realizing you get candy when you stop at the houses. lol…

We tuckered him out though. He crashed hard after the festivities. :0

Well today was some crazy news. It’s a Girl!!!

Yep, we have a girl Bacon coming, so that should be pretty interesting. Let the name sessions begin…

On project fronts, some stuff is going on…

Still working away on RA. A lot of work moving with new assets.

I finished a Halloween house zone for EverQuest II that’s been selling really well, and I just finished another player housing zone that will be going out next month for Xmas.



We’re on to EverQuest IIs eleventh expansion, so I have a new themed game zone I’m ramping up on and this one is going to be a little different in the sense that it will be done mostly in ZBrush. I’ve used it before to build some assets, but I’m making the jump to full on Zbrush after the 3D sketch is finished.

That will be something new and exciting for me using a while different technique to create the environment with..or at least doing it to this kind of extent.

Some news on the Film Front. I want to start shooting something. ( Like I really have the time…lol ) But It’s been a long time since we shot Prey, and I want to get back to doing some stuff with it.

I keep lining up different concepts, but with limited time and resources, I have to find some interesting ways to move forward, and I think I might have.

I’m currently working on a script for a short film that will be part of a collection for a Horror Anthology Project.


I was kind of inspired by CB’s Day of the Dead costume this year, and had this fun idea of re-inventing a film sort of similar to “Four Rooms” but in the Horror Genre.

What this lets me do is go back to funding individual shorts and wrap them into an overall narrative.

Ill use a crowd funding option to bankroll the projects, but each film will be within a pretty small manageable budget similar to Prey, but will be shot on RED.

The first short will be a test bed to see if I can pull it off, and then we’ll shoot each part of the film kind of ala carte.    

After we wrap up the first 4 films, the last one will be shot, along with the narration footage, and all the films will be assembled into the overall film.

So that’s my plan basically. We’ll see it has legs, but I figure at any point if I can’t get funding, I’ll at least have some cool new short films to put into festivals and whatnot.

I miss shooting, and creating them. It might take a while to get things rolling, but it seems feasible.

stay tuned.

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