October 9, 2013

Big Shiny Games News –


Today I got a simple website up for Big Shiny Games!!

We also have a Twitter page and a company page on LinkedIn. Things are moving along.

So John is working on the updated design. I just cranked out a slew of new player ship modules and weapon wings. Mark us currently coding up the shield functionality. We’re going to have something a lot more crazy than initially intended. It’s going to be pretty damn cool.

So the launch with the new scope will be pushed out to early 2014 or 5 to 6 months from now. Considering what we are about to do, its going to be worth the delay…and it actually sets up up timing-wise to get some momentum going getting the word out. We’ll have something pretty awesome for GDC (computer game conference) in March. We also have PAX East in Boston around the same time. We’ll also have a local presence at Comic-Con next year if we get decide we want to do that. (Still need to look into what that takes to pull off)

So we’ll be getting a couple stand up Ipad Kiosks and some poster board prints to go in them, and we’ll be really to show our little opus off to the industry. Kind of exciting.

In film news, I’ll be sending out a cut down credits version of PREY to the “10th ave of Terror” event that will be happening down town SD at the end of the month. Dean Whitney submitted his film “the Body Bag” to them and recommended PREY to the coordinator. Might be fun to get into that. Thanks Dean.. :-)

So things are moving. Now time for Bed… got a long day tomorrow trying to finish up this Haunted House Zone for EverQuest II I’ve been banging out the last couple weeks. It’s turning out pretty cool.

See ya!

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