October 4, 2013

Korben Train –

I have completely let this place go!…

Well a lot of things have been happening. Last month another 220 person layoff at SOE. I’m still there, but seems like this re-occurring theme is headed down an inevitable track. For the most part they have treated me alright.. going on a 9 year run. The best I’ve had at any previous game company. We’ll be launching the latest expansion “Tears of Veeshann” next month, and then we’ll see where this all goes.

Today was the first appointment for Shannie and its confirmed, we have another Kiddo coming! Crazy….really crazy. I kind of feel we hit the jackpot with Korben. Such a fun, Beautiful baby boy. I cant see how we would do better, but we’ll settle for healthy. Things will get really interesting around here next May. :-)

It’s arrival date is my birthday, so that should be interesting.

In side events, things are picking up on the game front. Mark and I incorporated a few weeks ago settling on the company name “Big Shiny Games”. So that was exciting. We brought on John Mulkey, who I have known since I was a teen living in on the same street corner together. Outside of being a cool guy and long time friend, he’s also a game industry big hitter heading up design on titles like Doom 4, Aliens:Colonial Marines, F.E.A.R. and the No One Lives Forever franchises.

He’s currently cranking away on making Retro Assault a deeper, more engaging game so things are really stepping up for us in BiG Shiny Game-Land. So now we have a 3 partner setup covering everything we need to build and blossom an amazing game company. Exciting indeed.

On the film front things are stagnate for the most part.

I haven’t touched anything in a while. Had some one kind of working on the funding side of things, but that hasn’t amounted to anything. Mostly talk and talk is cheap. Right now the focus is on getting Big Shiny off and running so film is on the back burner for the moment.

I would like to shoot something in the near future. I jot down small ideas for potential shorts. Given my time constraints anything I do has to be small scale. I would like to shoot some stuff, but it would need to rely entirely on practical fx, not crazy time consuming CGI, and really be about the story and shooting things practically.

I think that would be a good exercise really. To force one into producing some shorts without frill, and forced to shoot and edit on really short time schedules. I had one particular idea lately I can shoot here in the house, with minimal production but still have something that looks good. Maybe take on some tips from the Fewdio guys. They are experts at more for less.

Was playing around with some Stop Motion Animation a little while back. Did this video here with Korben’s wooden train set. A few hours of shooting / editing. Its short, but I think it’s a fun little piece.

So anyway…just moving along.

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