June 6, 2013

DragonFrame – Stop Motion Tools





Been busy, and haven’t updated this thing since last month. Well some interesting news I guess,,,I picked up some Serious Stop Motion tools yesterday. I’ve wanted to do some stop motion film stuff for quite a while, but for some reason got on a kick recently to find some tools for it and found some really awesome stuff.

DragonFrame Stop Motion software is the perfect pairing with my Canon 5D mk II and lets me control the camera, and uses the live screen preview as well as a frame editor to onion skin a sequence of images in real time to coordinate the animation of stop motion assets.

Frankenweenie used this setup ( DragonFrame / Canon 5D ) as well as that Paranorman film that came out last year. I found their lighting control system online as well for a great price, which also is controlled by the DragonFrame software to control real lights like my Arri lighting rig controlled via DMX for automation sequences inside DragonFrame. It also has advanced Lip synch, animated drawing path tools, X-sheet tools and an amazing camera motion control setup, but the motion control stuff is pretty spendy so I dont forsee doing any of that anytime soon.

So we’re going to be playing around with some stop motion stuff here soon. I told Shannie about it and her eyes lit up. She did a paper on the history of stop motion and has always wanted to do it as well. I did not know that! lol..what a cool wife I have! :-)

We actually had quite a blast doing the Fandango puppet film a while back, so this would be doing something pretty fun and interesting not dissimilar from that. Shannie’s craftiness is second to none, so we have a lot of talent to do something really cool there. It was also fun working with Tim and Joe on the voice tracks for that little short. They did an excellent job on it. I can see doing some short pieces and maybe gearing up to something feature length once we got our work flow worked out…but who knows. For now it’s mostly just something interesting to add to the skill set.

Not that I need another project, but I’m pretty excited about doing some fun things with it. It’s always fun learning new things, and exploring.

In other news, Hellspawn is being looked at. With any luck we’ll have something going on with that soon. Everybody likes the materials so I’m hopeful that will go down.

We’re getting close to getting the feature sets complete on Retro Assault. All the enemy types are almost done, so we have a set of player weapons and power-ups to get in and I can start assembling the game to get the thing out the door. Moving along there.

On EQ2, we’re in the middle of production on the next expansion and the Zone I’m working on is looking pretty rightious. It’s a dragon theme and pretty exotic looking.

For the last couple weeks we’ve been fighting the sickness. Another round of throat and chest crap. I think it’s turning the corner now, but it’s been hanging on something fierce. The bubs has it as well, poor little guy. :-(

So just working, and doing the family thing.

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