May 3, 2013

HellSpawn The Movie Website


The HellSpawn Website is up and running, the pitch is completed as well, so we’re moving along. The Film, and Concept Materials link are open to the public, the Film Plan and Script are password protected and not available to the public at this time.

We’re starting to roll out the material to potential investors and people of interest. The Site is if you’re interested.

In other news, Retro Assault it still moving along. Mark put up an update where I can start working with level progression via XML script. We’re starting to get enemy formations and other fun game play elements working.

SOE is going well, working on a new crazy zone environment. Got most of the block in done and it looks really cool. A lot of really crazy vertical vistas and some interesting architectural designs.

Last night the family went to see the opening of Ironman 3 at the Drive-in movies in Santee out here. It was really fun, and amazingly low key. The Bubs just slept the whole time, and it was pretty casual, not packed at all so it was a pretty nice evening. Ironman was great.  The narative was a little muddled I thought but the spectacle and all the rest of the elements you want out of an Ironman movie were there, including the fun Tony Stark Schtick. The bad guys were fun, it had a lot of great moments, and the VFX were amazing as usual.

I got asked if it was worth the $$$, which I always find a funny question. The price for admision was 8 dollars, thats like what? A value meal at MacDonnalds? I think I paid almost that for the DVD of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus which is a fucking horrible film. My response to that?  Seriously, if you’re worried about getting your 8 dollars worth out of a movie, you probably have more important stuff to do with your money than seeing a movie. Just say’n. :-)



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