March 26, 2013

Big Thumbs Up!


Today I got the news that Screenwriter Kerry Williamson, one of the key writers of the 2012 film Alex Cross gave the screenplay for Hellspawn a thumbs up!! I was humbled and blown away to be honest. Apparently she thought the first act was cool and thought the characters and the setup were really well done. All and all she thought the concept was original and cool. She’s in the middle of a big deadline to get scripts for a current TV Series on AMC finished but I’m hoping to get together with her sometime next month to talk shop with her about it.

I’m always in a love / hate relationship with my material, so it was really awesome to hear that coming from an actual Hollywood ScreenWriter. A ways to go, but at least I know I’m on the right track. :-)

Thank you so much Mia for arranging that…and of course thank you so much Kerry for taking the time to actually read it, I know you are crazy busy!

In other news, I started developing a new script for a short film I want to shoot this summer if I can get the budget in place for it. I have the outline finished and starting to work on the script now. As with all my films, each one has to raise the bar for myself or it’s not worth doing, and in this case I really want to focus on the emotional content this time around.

Me and John have been having fun kicking ideas back and forth on it.


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  1. So cool. Glad to see Hellspawn get this great review.

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