March 20, 2013

Another trip the ER..


 Had another trip to the ER last night. Not fun…

Nothing big, but still a little scary. The last few nights, I started having some breathing issues, shortness of breath, that kind of thing. It started when I got this last round of sickness that’s been going around but after most of the congestion stopped, this seemed to have gotten worse. You look up shortness of breath on google and you pretty much have everything from Allergies to Congestive Heart Failure, eeeeekkk.

I thought it prudent to at least call the nurse line and see what was going on and the second you say “Shortness of Breath” they pretty much demand you go to the Emergency Room. After 5 hours of waiting in a packed ER, and a bunch of tests later, they all came back fine. AKG, Bloodwork, Xrays…all good. In fact one they told me my heart and vitals were all really strong, so thats great.

Soooo, It was just this virus thing going around, and maybe some Allergies compounding it. I used to have Hayfever really bad, but I haven’t had a big bout with that since I was a teen, but I still get my lungs all stuffed up from but grass and blooming flowers…and we have a lot of that where we live now.

While there though, you really start thinking about stuff and the importance to being in good health, so I need to start hitting the Gym again. whoa…

I had lunch with Mark today and we went over the plan to getting Retro Assault buttoned up and out the door. He’s going to be putting together an XML system so I can start scripting levels and putting together the game content while he works on features and code support. Hopefully we’ll have the basic framework in sometime in the next day or two and I can start playing with it.

I think that’s going to be a lot of fun.

Some fun news on the HellSpawn front. The reception to the Screenplay so far has been really good. I let another friend take a look at it I work with who’s girlfriend is a Hollywood Screen Writer, and she was blown away by it. Said it was really really good, so that was nice. She told me how cool the characters were and some of her favorite standout moments in it. She’s not a screenwriter, but she does have a pulse on it from all the stuff she reads of Kerry’s so that was pretty cool and flattering.

Of course the next step is to actually have Kerry take a look at it. lol… I figured I would break the ice with Mia, and see if she liked it first before passing it on to Kerry. I think I’m about ready to put it through the Gauntlet now. lol…

Mia did tell me I have a Tarantino vibe in my writing, which isn’t the first time I’ve heard that, a great complement to be sure.  

I didn’t give her the newly edited version. John went through it with a fine tooth comb over the weekend and found all my typos and corrected them. A few more alterations and I think it’s ready for prime-time.

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