March 13, 2013

CakeSmash!! – and The Sickness Continues –


This weekend we shot Korben’s Cake Smash pictures for his 1st Birthday Invite.

We got some pretty funny images of the Bubbies as he demolished the cake like Godzilla leveling Tokyo. It should be a pretty full house for the party, and we’ll be heating the pool, so bring your swim attire if you want to get some water time in.

Last night I started to feel under the weather again…grrrr. Sore throat, sinuses getting all stuffed up and aches all over. I’m really getting sick of this.

John got back to me with his review of the HellSpawn script and thought it was really good. He pointed out a few small things that I didn’t emphasize enough, and made a couple really cool suggestions for a few choice lines that will ad a little more punch to it, but he was really impressed with it all and all. He watches an insane number of films throughout the years, Studio and Indie and did mention that there are areas where I’m retreading familiar territory, but said I have an impressive knack at putting twists and spins onto things to pull it away from being stale. I would agree with that.

So that was cool. The first real critique, got some good input into tightening it up a little more, so I’ll be adding those alterations into the 2nd Draft.

On the poster front, I have some good candidates for the model now. I’m going to be making the casting choice in the next day or two. I think I’m going to shoot it in the SOE parking lot. The Pavement there has a similar highway gray tone and there’s a strip I can get just the right lighting conditions I’m looking for, so I’ll set up a green screen in front and use the actual pavement she’ll be laying on to composite and mix it into whatever highway plate I shoot later.

I have a few different concepts for the shot, so I figure we’ll shoot a few different poses / angles and see what works best. It’s going to get bloody on this one. lol..

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  1. Cake Smash=Awesome! I think grown-ups should do cake smash photo shoots too. Although with some grown-ups, it might get a little raunchy…

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