March 9, 2013

Another Friday Night, Except Rainy… :-)


Another Rainy Friday Evening…wow.  Another night hanging out in the Jacuzzi with the rain beating down on my head. I love it!!

Some EverQuest II news, I’m almost finished with this Siren’s Zone I took over from Amanda who’s out on maternity leave. It’s a cool zone, but I’m very happy to be done with it and back on to my own stuff. lol..

This will be featured on the next Live Update next month, and then I’ll be back on a set of zones for this year’s main expansion effort.

On the Retro Assault front, things are starting to pick up again. Mark was in crunch mode at his day gig, and had family in town so things kind of slowed the last couple weeks, but were back to moving again so we should be getting this demo finalized here this coming week with any luck.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Ipad game models and came to the conclusion that we’re going to be rolling out the title in purchasable chunks, or what it called micro-transactions. So this weekend I’m doing some re-designs on the level progression and building a plan for a free-to-play demo, and concurrent release of the first “Campaign” that will be available for purchase. Good news is most the art is done for this, so with any luck getting these roll outs to market will happen a little quicker.

On the HellSpawn front, I spent a little more time fidgeting with thee screenplay before sending it off to John, but he has it now. I sent him links to the active Concept Art in which he thought the Apocalypse Character was pretty awesome. Shannie really liked the script, so it should be interesting to get his take on it.

Still breaking the screenplay down into shot lists, as well as working on random storyboard panels for it.

I’ve tentatively set up a photo shoot for the 23rd to get the HellSpawn Poster done. Eric is on board for doing the FX makeup so we’re all good there. I’m still going through the models though. The first one I inquired into didn’t respond back, so I put up an ad on Model Mayhem and have been getting a lot of inquiries on it…so moving along there.

Should be a fun shoot.








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  1. Time flies. I can’t believe it has almost been a year already. I know where I’ll be on April 6th.

  2. I know right?! It just flew by at record speed. Cant wait to see ya man.


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