March 2, 2013

Friday Night – Hellspawn Update –


I love this pic. :-)

Korben is talking up a storm these days, and getting all independent now. Tonight marks the first night he completely fed himself without assistance. He doesn’t want to be spoon fed anymore. He does like Dad feeding him Animal Crackers on the recliner while watching Baby Einstien though. He’s my Baby Korben Buddy.

I’m done with the first edit on the HellSpawn Script, so I’m going to be sending it over to my buddy John this weekend for him to take a look at and get his feedback over it. I normally wouldn’t be so critical about it, but I’m about to send it off to some real hollywood insiders so I want to make sure its freak’n bullet proof. Once I get it back from John, I’m sending it to a Hollywood Screenwriter I know to get her two cents on it, then I think I’ll be ready to start shopping it around.

On another front, I think I found the model I’m interested in for the Poster Art. She’s really good looking, but also has this classic 70s vibe about her that I think will work for the poster art. I put out a message to Eric Fox about bloodying her up for the photo-shoot as well. We’ll see how people’s schedules are looking.

I’m going to be putting together page assets for the Hellspawn Movie Website soon as well, so we’ll have that covered.

So all and all things are moving along.

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