February 26, 2013

Retro Assault – DreadCutter Boss / HellSpawn


Got the Wireless Printer / Scanner finally hooked back up tonight so I can Scan in Drawings…yeayyyyy! It’s only been six months now. Ughh..

I did a loose Sketch for this Boss Enemy for the Game. This is of course the block out Sillohuette. Ill start roughing out the forms this week and get it rendered. This one will be particularly cool because it has huge rotating turbines and weapons, and I’ll be making splits in the armor moldings so I can animate things under the shell. This next wave of boss ships are all about animation and heavy weapon FX. I want them to look amazing for the game.

I have 3 more of these heavy boss ships and that will conclude the big capital ships for the game.

In other news, I’m starting down the path of Storyboarding HellSpawn.

I did a page of them today, a fun little diversion sketching in-between tasks at work, or at home when I’m working on other stuff.

So I’m going through the screenplay now, proof reading and correcting, but also marking pages for the shot-list, and breaking it down into the storyboard frame count. My goal is to have the entire film Storyboarded sometime in May. I think if I keep things consistent and steady, I should be able to get it done. We’ll see though, its easy in theory…lol…doing it is another story.


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