February 25, 2013

Sunday Evening –


Sunday Evening, another weekend down….

Shannie gave Korben an old remote and it’s his favorite toy now. He’s such an awesome boy. He has a lot to say these days talking up a storm. Mostly Dadada…mamamam…Iddy… He’s saying Kitty…but it comes out Iddy. lol..

He’s clapping and waving. Pretty fun stuff.

This weekend was mostly detailing out Retro Assault Docs for a final design plan. I spelt out all the remaining assets for launch, and sketched out 4 more boss ships including the final boss design. These ones are going to be a little different in construction. I really want lots of moving parts and animation, so these guys are a little more elaborate than the previous war ships.

It’s going to be fun putting them together. So now it’s on to getting assets together for the Press Demo and the Finished Game Bata in a few months.

Had a small set back with the comic sequence. The artist I hired sent back the first page comp and it sucked, so I ended up giving him a pink slip for the project. Seemed like he was just phoning in the job giving me lazy compositions and angles and wanted to nit pick over the rework so I’m going to find someone else or do it myself. We’ll see how things go between now and the launch deadline. I have too much to do as it is, so I’ll probably just find another comic guy.  We’ll see…


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  1. lol, Blade loves that boy. It’s fun to watch.. :-)

  2. He gets cuter by the day :)

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