February 20, 2013

HELLSPAWN – Screenplay Completed


At last! The 1st Draft of HellSpawn is done….ughh…

That was a long one coming in at 148 pages. eegads! I like it though. It’s got a lot of really memorable moments, some pretty gnarly stuff, and some pretty fun stuff in there. A lot of interesting character interaction, and the ending is totally brutal but morbidly funny in a subtle way….a tip to the cap to The Road Warrior. lol..

So that’s done, and I can move on to an editing pass which usually includes handing it to Shannie to look over. (She usually catches most of my typo crap, but its fun to get her feedback on it since she’s kind of biased to my ) I’ll save the hard critiques for later, but it really is one of those “Fuck off / no apologies” kind of scripts. You’ll either get it or you wont. I don’t think it will straddle any lines. lol..

At any rate, I think it’s a pretty fun read and will be a cool ride to be on when ever it does finally get made. I feel accomplished. hah….that was not an easy one to go down.

Clocking it in at 2:07 Am…

I did hang out in the Jacuzzi late this evening. The Rain was blasting down hard and the water was hot! Total Bliss…


In other news, the RA demo is freak’n kewl! Mark checked in the Enemy Ace Fighter and its pretty brutal. It’s so hard, we had to put back in Player Health so it took a few hits before your ship would die….and then you have the “Three lives”, so I could finally make it through the first mission. wow..

It’s looking really dope though. Playing it is fun, the controls feel right now which is one of the most important aspects of Game Development. Nintendo blows 70% of their development time just getting the feel of the controls right, then work like dogs to get the rest of the game done. That’s not an article I read, I got that right from their studio head when I visited the campus back in 2002. That was right before the Art Director for the company convinced me I didn’t want to work there. lol… I remember it like it was yesterday. He said “I really like you, you have a great portfolio, I’ll offer you the job if you want it, but trust me man,,,you don’t want to work here, it’s ridiculous. I’m almost out the door myself.” lol..

Anyway, it’s coming together and we’re pretty excited about it. We couldnt get everything in by the Sunday deadline like we had scheduled but we’re about 80% with it at the moment. Were spending this week getting the rest in place and refining it, and then it’ll be ready for primetime…or at least hitting a solid playable milestone we can show around.

Next phase, we’ll be adding in Power-ups, switchable player weapons and more variety for the enemies / environments, then do a round of “official” press releases where we let online gaming news sites, magazines, etc. check out footage and screens of the game and get some press rolled out anticipating the release.

From there it will be assembling the missions, and getting the rest of the final game systems in place gearing up for launch.!

…but first we got to get this demo done.. lol…stay tuned..   


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  1. Thanks Joker, you might get to sodomize someone in the near future, but don’t worry, it’s not gay if it’s for revenge purposes…. lol..

  2. Michael your not going to believe this but I actually just did a similar scene and it was a scene man :)

  3. No worries, I doubt its like the one in the HS script, but congrats on your transition into full on Gay Porn. lol…

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