February 18, 2013

HellSpawn Writing – Hero Resurrected?


Got some more writing done on Hellspawn tonight working out some of the end scenes. Still a bit from completion but close. I keep revisiting the pivotal “break into three” moment since it’s probably the most important scene in the film where everything is revealed.

Lawless is supposed to be ruthless, so it’s pretty hard riding that line where events take place that let that guy “open up” like he naturally would…or wouldn’t depending on how you look at it. I wasn’t happy with the first pass, but I think I supplied a cool mechanic that has that Achilles heel moment I needed to let the guy start coming apart. I’m pretty happy with it now.

Over the weekend I’ve been thinking I really need to shoot something this year. It’s been over a year and half since Prey now and I want to do something visually stunning so I dug up the 3D apartment I had been working on for HERO a while back.

Before I was trying to figure out exactly how and where it would be shot, which seemed like a pain in the ass at the time, but for Prey we used Pixel Productions studio before Paul renovated over there, but now that he has I was thinking about using his green screen setup and handling all the shots on a pivoting lighting setup scenario using track markers as nebulous guides just to get camera locks and move the background CG elements to angles that match visually.

I’m not going to put it into full production until I have the 3D apartment textured and mapped and dirty proof of concept footage tracked and matched to see how well I can get the live action integrated with it, but Jesse has a Red Scarlet now, so having him DP it will give me Red Raw, no compression artifacts and enough resolution to make for relatively easy composites.

Visually if I can pull it off it will look insane, and quite a large jump to the next level past Prey. The narrative is pretty dark as well, so it definitely will have bite.

We’ll see how this plays out.

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