February 17, 2013

Saturday Night Silliness –




A couple cools pics of the Bubs and I a few weeks back. 10 months old and you can already see the Rock & Roller in him. Here he’s channeling his Billy Idol with the subtle smirk on his face. lol…

I’m working in the studio tonight recording some more Retro Assault assets and every time I turn around, I think damn, I have one hell of a Sexy Guitar Collection…lol. I love my Fenders. :-) I know, gratuitous plug, it’s shameful but whatever. My Blog, My Rules.

So things are moving along with RA, the HellSpawn SP is almost done. I’m going to try to get it finished this weekend so I can send it over to my buddy John to take a look at and get his feedback on it. Maybe get a ball rolling on the refinement pass. I touched on it when I saw him last week and took him through the broad strokes. I want the Script bullet proof before I start showing it around.

I’m going to put together a photo shoot for a cool looking poster piece for the project and give it a face, finish off some marketing tools for a first round of pitches for it shortly, then start approaching some actors I have in mind for the project and see if I can get them to bite on it. Sid Haig is the first on the list!!

It’s 3am, why am I not in bed yet?? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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