February 17, 2013

Retro Assault – Girl in Color

Retro Assault - Female Player in Color

Retro Assault – Female Player in Color

Here is the Color Version of the Female Player Character. Sexy in Space… :-)


Mark got all the Mission Complete Assets in last night and they look awesome!! The Music track I created pulls the whole thing together with a very nice modern sheen to it. The light effect pulses and displays the end score, bonus, accuracy and kills as well as shows you your acquired rank.

We got the Player Lives system in place which displays your extra ships up top, using them up as you get killed until you have no more ships left.

We scaled up the on-screen joysticks which look and feel pretty solid now. I wanted to give it the look of playing with arcade joysticks and these move with your thumbs, directional and fire control which work independent from each other. The turret at the top of the ship turns independently from the ship, so it’s very Geometry Wars-ish or Robotron if you want to use an old school arcade reference.

The controls are pretty tight now, which is kind of tough to do with the touch-screen scenario. I have played a few games with similar setups and I have to say ours is pretty much the best I’ve played with so far. Mark really did a great job coding it.

Still quite a bit to do, but it’s coming together. I’m very excited about the finished prototype. I think we’re going to have something pretty coolio. :-)  

What I am most excited about is “Finally” having that Retro Assault Side Bar Poster Accounted for!! lol… It’s been sitting up there for over two years now. The only other poster up there with an incomplete project is Tinman, but I think that one is going to be on the burner for a while. At some point I’m going to have to finish it or take it down, but for now I’ll leave the option open.

We were going to throw a FaceOff Night over here for Eric, but the whole family is still feeling under the weather, so we wont be doing that this coming week. It is very exciting to see him kicking ass every week, way to go man! Looking forward to this Tuesday and see what he does next.

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