February 12, 2013

Monday Blues…sort of…zzzz


Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick…..sounds like a broken record. ughhh..

That’s what it’s been like the last 3 months, and Thursday evening I came down with yet another freakn virus. So this weekend wasn’t too productive, but I did manage to get a few things done.

I had lined up Mike Lilly to do the Comic pages for Retro Assault, but he’s been pretty slammed so I decided to go with another artist on the project. Justin Case has a really cool modern style I think will work well for the project so he’s off and running on it. He’s currently working on the two player select characters, and then on to the sequential pages next week. I’m very excited about getting them done. Not only for the game cinematic, but it’s the first time I’ll see one of my scripts in full blown comic book form.

I’ve been kind of toying with the idea of developing HellSpawn into a graphic novel. I think the characters are catchy enough that it might make a good illustrated book. But if I were to do that I would revisit the current version of the screenplay and amp it up since I obviously wouldn’t have any restrictions for shooting it indie style. Lawless and the gang could really do some major property damage. lol…

Things have been moving along on the RA front. We have score counters and Lives counter in place, the player ship is pretty solid now, and things are being plugged into it daily. The 17th date is coming up fast.

So things are moving along. I got over the big scene in the HS script over the weekend and on the home stretch with the current version of it. Just a few more scenes left and done-ola…finally.  

fun, fun, fun…

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