February 5, 2013

Sunday Evening Update – RA Asset Push



This weekend I made a huge push slamming out assets for the upcoming RA demo. I finished the 5 music tracks, created about 50+ Sound FXs, a ton of UI graphics and ship support stuff, a few particle systems,…it was a lot finishing up pretty much everything we needed for it so that was pretty cool. I updated the player ship, though I still have some work to do on the larger scale version, but it’s looking pretty cool.

It works fine for actual in-game size, but I want to make a bunch of player select variations for the HUD and they need to be larger and more detailed. Coming along though.

Ohh, I also wrote the opening intro cinematic script. lol…so I was working my ass off this weekend. I’m contracting Amazing Comic Book Artist Mike Lilly to create some comic-book style page intros for the project. The script I wrote is for an 18 panel / 4 page comic cinematic we’ll be creating for the game. An audio track with live actors, music, sound fx will accompany it, and we’ll set up an in game camera timed to move around the panel images to create the final real-time cine.

A fun little project that should be pretty awesome once it’s completed. It’s going to add quite a bit of personallity to the project, and give it a lot of depth, so that’s the plan anyway.

We’re doing two versions for male and female character selection so which ever you select from the main menu will be the character used in the cinematics. Kind of cool…so moving right along.

So now that the Demo Assets are completed, and the Cinematic script is finished, I’m spending this week finishing the HellSpawn Script so with any luck…lol, well whatever, I think I’m done setting time-lines on that thing. It’ll be done soon, maybe by the end of this next weekend, we’ll see. Lot’s of stuff happening. :-)


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