January 31, 2013

Mid Week Post – Eric Morb X on FaceOff

Eric Fox - Season 4 FaceOff

Last night was the 3rd episode into Season 4 of Faceoff and Eric has been kicking some major ass! Way to go Eric. He has been in the top spotlight of all four challenges so far, just behind Anthony who has won every one. Kind of a crazy season so far. You never see the same two guys battling it out for the top slot consecutively like this. Usually it’s all over the board so Eric has been tearing it up on there.

We’re going to have a FaceOff Night on the 19th or Feb, so you might want to mark your calendars and hang with us that Tuesday evening. Eric and Sheri will be here for occasion so it should be a blast getting together and watching it with them. If weather permits, I’m going to try to get it up on the big screen. We’ll probably screen a film as well afterwards, so join us for some viddles, drinks and Eric kicking some more ass on there.

Been making some progress this week. We’re chewing through the RA demo assets. I finished a round of Computer Voices, The Main Menu Music Theme, Boss Ship Theme, and Mission music theme for the game. It’s been fun writing and recording some¬†music again. My ProTools rig sounds particularly good through these M-Audio BX5a reference monitors. I wish I had them on Prey…grrrr.. lol.

Were currently on track for getting the Demo finished and I’m really looking forward to a full playable and letting people get thier hands on it at the RA Shindig.

Been working on the HF screen play a little here and there. I got another scene finished last night, now I’m staring the main “Scene” in the face where everything has to come together and blow apart. Once I get past this one, the rest is kind of downhill from there for the home stretch. Moving forward anyway.

Time for a quick bowl of cereal, and off to bed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..

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