January 27, 2013

Retro Assault – Dev Video

Took a quick phone vid of Retro Assault in Development.

3am Sunday Morning. Thought I would make a Blog Entry. :-)

Things are moving along. Got a new updated build from my Dev Partner and we’re starting to see a game here. Very Cool Stuff! We’re finally getting on the other side of the framework and onto actually putting the game together. We currently have a 1st Playable Demo Build scheduled for Feb 17th where most systems should be working and we’ll have a solid game play tech demo to start showing around.

Sooo what does that mean exactly?

Well it means we’ll be throwing a Retro Assault Milestone Shindig! We’ll have some Ipads on display running the Game Demo as well as the usual party-fare. Drinks, Food, etc. 

Should be a lot of fun, and something different from our regular shindigs. I’m pretty excited to have something people can play and of course having RA finally on track to getting done. I started putting together the initial RA graphics a couple years ago, but things are really starting to come together on it now.

Of course it impacted the HS Screenplay. Now I’m back to playing juggling duty with it. I got close to page 100 on it though and finally into the 3rd act. It’s probably going to be another week or two till it’s finished. We have a pretty solid hit list for the RA Demo and a date we’re both working off of, so it’s the higher priority at the moment.

This freakn game “is” getting done this year! lol…

Other than that, just moving along. The rain has been awesome, we’re all pretty much over being sick for the moment. (Knock on wood..) 

I’ll keep ya all posted on the RA Party. Probably the weekend after the finish date but we’ll see how things come together on it. Stay Golden…

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  1. Hooray for an RA party!

  2. Keep on Rockin Michael :)

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