January 9, 2013



Korben Boy with his Cuz…Michelangelo, damn that’s a Hansom boy… :-)

Well 2013 is here, and it’s been a nutty 2012. A year full of mind bending change. The Arrival of Korben boy, our Home purchase which we still haven’t fully settled in…so it wasn’t a huge year for projects, but man what a year.

I finished up the latest EverQuest II expansion, did another huge city makeover for one of our live updates…so it had been a pretty busy year with all that.

I did make some headway on a few other project fronts. HellSpawn and Retro Assault made some inroads…which led to my near meltdown by the end of the year. lol… I guess the Korben boy and getting the house together really took a lot out of us.

I did get to meet the Bacon Brothers finally. That was kind of years in the making. I thought we would cross paths at some point, so it was pretty cool when it finally happened.

It was the boy’s first Xmas and that was a blast. So fun getting to see your kiddo so excited as he opens up presents, it was pretty awesome. He’s such an awesome boy. I love the bubbies… :-) I love my beautiful Shannie Baby, we have a pretty cool little family unit I think.

So it’s 2013 and what now?

I guess I have one new years resolution and that’s to kind of get back to enjoying what I do. 2013 is going to be kind of a self improvement year I think. Time to get back to the gym, work on my Art Portfolio, work on mastering ZBrush and bringing it into my SOE work flow which I already have been working on. I’ve also been working on my 2D skill set. Been doing a lot of drawings as of late working on rendering form and bringing a more refined look to my work.

I want to get to the point where I’m slugging it out concept-Art-wise with Feng, or Ryan That would be pretty cool.

On the film front, it’s been pretty off again on again. I no sooner decided that I was going to shelve it for a while when I get sucked back into it again. Now that the house and kiddo are kind of settled a little, and Retro Assault is kind of slow going at the moment, I’m going to move forward again on HellSpawn and see if we can get something off the ground there.

So I’m back on the Screenplay working on getting it done by the 27th of this month. I’m going to be finishing up the remaining character concepts, and move on to the Storyboard stage, so with any luck we’ll have a finished screenplay in a couple weeks and on to securing the remaining funding for the project. I think it’s a pretty strong concept with a lot of bite so I need to give this a solid shot it deserves. We have 50k for the project so far, and people are pretty excited about it.

I want to sneak some music in there somewhere as well but that’s if time permits. 

So with any luck, 2013 will be a good year for getting back on track and doing some fun stuff. 




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  1. YEAH…I love movie resurection and that beautiful young man Korben!!!

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