November 15, 2012

Retro Assault on IPad Hardware – Finally!

We had to basically build the game from the ground up using a different game engine due to some performance issues with the ITorque engine, but the framework is up and we have the build running on the IPad Hardware now. Yeayyy!!!

Top Pic: IPad, Bottom Pic: MacBook Pro running the XCode build.

Things are now coming together and we should have some cool updates coming soon with game play footage. It runs smooth and looks pretty awesome. I don’t think we are going to hit our target end of Nov. date, but I’m pretty confidant now that we’ll have an early 2013 release.

Stay tuned!

On the SbiG front, we had to move it indoors this time. Sorry guys. It’s been freezing at nights out back. We’ll be getting a couple commercial grade Patio Heaters for the next one. Should still be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it tonight. :-)



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  1. Hey brother, for the first half of this trailer I totally thought they stole from Obituary Notice…sort of… kind a.

  2. lol, awesome! i like the one comment,,,still havent found a robot uglier than lemmy. :-)

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