August 28, 2012

Flooring Done – Now we can actually start getting settled

Flooring is done, just finishing up the downstairs trim minutes ago and starting to move all their tools out. Yes! The place is starting to look like home. Yeayyy…

New carpet was put in upstairs, and all that’s left is flooring on the bathrooms but that’s minor stuff at this point. We got the bedroom all put together last night, and tonight Ill be starting to re-assemble the studio room.

Korben had his first real meal….Carrots! He loved them. He was grabbing at the spoon like a little wolverine. lol. He’s growing up fast.

Now that were about settled, I’m turning my attention back to HellSpawn and getting the screenplay finished. After being crazy sick, then the back going south…then all the drama with the house, I didn’t get much done during our stay at Sheila’s but I’m energized to get it finished now and move forward into the Art / Storyboards to get this bitch off the ground.

That Black Magic Cinema Camera has caught my eye so looking into specs on that thing. Shoots in full Raw with 13 stops of dynamic range which gives it a much better image than the canon stuff. Film grain rather than digital noise, and a price point far below the Canon 1Dc I was looking at.

Not sure if I’m going to make a move on it at the moment, but it looks like a pretty cool cinema solution with enough dynamic range to do all kinds of post work with. Im sure it would be great for CGI footage as well.


Congrats to Mr. Joker. He was asked if he wanted to be an Extra in “The Hangover III” shooting here in the next few months. That’s awesome and good luck with that brutha. :-)

Looks like Tim has a couple films in festivals for a couple different roles he’s done. Very cool! Cant wait to check them out.

Well off to work now. :-)


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  1. Good to hear the back is better and you guys are settled in :) Hope to get together soon. Careful of those carrots I still remember how they came out the other end :)

  2. Great to see you guys getting settled in must be a big flipping relief! Looking forward to seeing everyone very soon. Congrats Mark that should be an awesome experience…

  3. Thanks Tim…I’m pretty sure it will be filmed in Tijuana. Galifinakas is sent to a mental hospital there and the boys come to break him out. Do you think I would fit in with a bunch of mental patients???…nevermind :)

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